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Ensuring a Respectable life

Aarambh - Fostering the next generation - Doing our bit for Children

Aarambh, a 20-year-old NGO prides itself in supporting under privileged children. They assist children from the slums of Mumbai on various fronts from education, medical check-up to day care centre. Currently they are supporting 1760 children acro...

Supporting Children with Special Needs

Hanshi Khushi with tag line of 'Let smile meet a smile' is humbling piece of ongoing work by Urna Bose. Founded in 2006, it aims to bring smile to the pupils (children to adults) who have special needs. An important note is also that the parents and ...

Caring for Old and Homeless

Paasam is an Elderly Home in Mahabalipuram near Chennai who are Supporting old people in having a respectable old age. The elders have no one to support them or personal funds. Arun Sir and Uma Sensei (seen in picture) have built this beautiful home....


Shaping the next generation

Your Donation can help these children compete (Rs.2500 per child for full year)

VENBA is a 5 year old NGO which is constantly widening its social work. After the free tailoring classes comes the Free Tuition Classes. The Classes are held in nice green gardens of their oldage home in Mahabalipuram, Chennai. The children are tutor...

Educate 100 Children in 2018

This year, we want to extend our support to a 100 children by supporting them for their education. We will do this along with VENBA, our Chennai based NGO who undertake work in areas of children education, old age home and women empowerment thr...

Supporting Children Education through Books, School Stationary and Bags

Umang is a charitable Foundation founded in 2009 and based out of Mumbai. They enable education by providing books, stationary and school bags. They distributed these to 30,000 children last year (2016) sub-urb and Mumbai (around Mumbai city) and rur...


Creating sustainable livelihoods

Help these Women being Self Employed by donating Rs.2000

Venba has now started 'free tailoring' classes for women in Chennai. This is located in old Chennai area of Washerman pet. The Women who join the training classes for 5 days a week after their household duties are learning 'Tailoring'. In 4 months, t...


Giving back to nature

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