How it Works

Sublime Causes is a unique blend of social engagement towards charitable activities. Members can share updates, create circles, raise causes they care - with a bit of gamification.

“Share your thoughts with the community”

You know of some good works taking place in your locality or even know of someone doing a sublime work, or maybe you just visited an NGO recently - so why not share a story about it on the network so the world may know? Your story can make a big difference.

“Build your sphere of influence”

Invite your friends to join the network and keep them updated. We call it the sphere of influence. Each of us have a deep influence over many others. Bring them to the fold. Let good thoughts and deeds prosper, because we all know that birds of the same feather flock together.

“Raise funds for causes you care”

Raise causes that need support in any form! Write about your cause, give a title, include a picture, furnish contact and banking details - you are done! Once you submit, we will reach out to the cause creator for verification and share the cause on the network for interested members to sponsor. All causes need to have fund pass-through rate in excess of 85%. If a member shows interest in donating, he or she will receive email with banking details to make a direct funding to the beneficiary’s account.

“Feel a sense of achievement while doing good”

We all like to have some fun and why not when we are doing something good! For instance, every likes and shares lead to promotion of causes for which you will get points. Likewise, all your activities in the network from writing stories to sponsoring causes are scored by our system. You will get rewards in the form of stars and ribbons to keep you feel achieved. Based on total scores, you will be able to climb up our transformer ranking list. You are the Sublime Stars!