Educate 100 Children in 2018

This year, we want to extend our support to a 100 children by supporting them for their education. We will do this along with VENBA, our Chennai based NGO who undertake work in areas of children education, old age home and women empowerment through Tailoring Classes.

The children all belong to needy families who are barely able to make their ends meet. We verify the family backgrounds, ensure that the fees are paid to the school and seek regular updates on the children's progress.

As is Sublime Causes Moto, this is pure service we do and all your donations directly reaches the needy. We also participate by contributing ourselves to these causes. Help Educate and Help build the future.


Funds Received

Fund passthrough rate

Lives aimed to be transformed
16 Lives/ Yearly
Fund required to transform a life
5000 Rupees/ Yearly