Jyotsna demonstrates Grit and resilience in 'Spreading Happiness through Education''

Jyotsna Aneja, a journalist, teacher who has turned her experience into passion to help serve children of migrant laborers through a NGO called Swabalamba. Swabalamban in English means 'Self-Reliance'; they are building a better future for the children. The children go to government schools but need to develop a stronger foundation in languages, sciences to do well. They need to be supplemented with additional class room training. That is the only way they can compete.

Says Jyotsna "Inspiration can happen in many ways but for me it came in small shapes and sizes. While working with children from the slums of Malviya Nagar for an NGO in South Delhi from 2010 to 2013; the open and clean-hearted innocence of the children touched. That inspired me to help through basic education to help children become self-reliant and independent""

True to her inspiration, she supports 220+ children in Delhi in being able to compete with rest of the children. It is not easy for Jyotsna as she has to look after the school and children while supporting the fundraising for her NGO. She could do with more support. 

At Sublime Causes, we salute Jyotsna and team at Swabalamban and the noble work they are undertaking.

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