Trees planted in Parisutha Illam

Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree; you water it and make it Survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking” — Wangari Maathai.

Wangari Maathai a Kenyan activist founded a movement that has planted over 47 million trees worldwide.

Sublime Causes team was very happy in planting 60 trees in the Parisutha Illam as part of an environmental initiative. Parisutha Illam is a home for the homeless situated on outskirts of Avadi, Chennai. We decided in Planting fruit trees in this home as this will provide a long-lasting resource as well as a leisure gardening activity for inmates to water and take care of the plants daily. There are about 220 men and women who have don’t have a home and are suffering from psychiatric ailments. The home is managed by three sisters/nuns. The inmates in the home lead a good quality of life and are taken care of very well.

While we requested the Tamil Nadu forest department to help us with this initiative, they were kind enough and provided us with 40 free plants, most of which being fruit bearing plants. A mix of Figs, Jamun, Badam and Medicinal plants to name a few. These plants will bear fruits within 3-5 years.

In addition we bought 20 more plants - Banana, Guauva, Mango and Sapota. At this juncture we would like to thank Mr. Ashokan, the District forest officer for joining hands with us in this initiative and organising the plants, Labor and metal guards to protect the plants. Special Thanks to Narasimha & Shyam for their efforts in coordinating this event.

The planting activity was planned on January 6,2018.  Along with few members from Sublime Cause, the Forest department and the inmates from the home we finalized the landscape and went ahead planting the trees. The inmates were very much excited and happy. They are really looking forward for having these fruit bearing plants and have assured that they will take good care of these plants.

We truly believe this will provide right impetus to initiate more planting and spreading greenery. Our plan is to identify such needs in schools, hospitals and homes. We hope to continue this initiative in full swing throughout the year.