Chennai Martial Arts Dans are Serving Humanity through Old Age Homes and Free Tuition

An Oldage Home in Mahabalipuram, Free Tuitions and Free Tailoring Classes are run by VENBA. This is founded by (Kyoshi) S.R. Arun and co-supported by his wife Sensie Uma Maheshwari. They both teach Karate and Kubodo to thousands of children in Chennai. Arun is a Graduate in Social work who earned his degree in 1994 from the prestigious Loyola College in Chennai. The trust was registered in the year 2012. He devotes lot of his full time to help the community around him. It is his dream to develop a sustainable and just society to care for humanity. The birth of PAASAM was one step towards the fulfillment of his dream. PAASAM is supported by Venba which is a voluntary NGO. The organization works towards the development of children, women, aged and needy in India Recently he started the rest of the units like free tuition centre (KAAVASAM), Free tailoring classes (NESAM) and a special care on green environment(SUVASAM). Watch them on a Karate Dojo and then serving mankind through these splendid initiatives; Almost feels like two different people and the multiple expressions of Humanity. Our Sublime Salute to both Uma and Arun and we will continue support their noble work. Check out the causes run by VENBA here on this site.