A Nice Library for a Government School - Set up by Annettes Club of Rotary

As Told by Arshiya, Member of Sublime Causes, Annettes Club and Rotary

The Annettes club of Madras North (part of Rotary Club) and Chennai United organized a Book donation drive last month for Panchayat Union middle school, a government school located in Thoraipakkam, Chennai. The school had reached out to us, asking us to create a library for them as their students were highly interested in learning beyond the classroom. As per their request we reached out and managed to collect a total of 820 books. We also received about 80 new books published by one of our Rotary member, Mr. Olivannan for this cause.

The books we were looking for were those suited to the students’ grade level and there were many willing to part with the same for a good cause. The myriad books collected ended up ranging from text-books, story books, fiction/non-fiction to magazines.  

The donation of the books had been set to August 15th, 
Independence Day and was to be combined with the school’s own celebrations for the day. Early morning of the day, the organizers arrived before the ceremony to help arrange the books on the shelves. The students of the school took it up as a fun activity and used the stationary provided to come up with creative designs for the shelves.

The Independence Day celebrations then commenced with a beautiful dance put together by the students. Through the various dances, speech and songs that were displayed, we could see the huge amount of effort and thought that the students and teachers had put in to making the day a success.   

The school now has formal Library time allocation and students will be engaged in reading.

Editors Thoughts - There are so many books each one for us have. And so many schools without libraries. Can we get this initiative to reach every school and every home?