Sublime Causes takes on 3 Big Opportunities

Dear Sublime Stars, we are spreading our wings! It’s our delight to share the news that there are three big opportunities Sublime Causes is working on right now.

(1) Awareness Project on Emergency Response

“Responding to emergency situations like accidents have not been practiced by general public and passersby, either out of fear of getting involved in police enquiries or not being aware of hows of proper first aid”, says Thiru, a daily bike rider to work in Chennai traffic.

Sublime Causes recognizes this issue and would like to train people on emergency response to accidents. We intend to do the training through short 3 minute videos about the importance of good response within the first 10-15 minutes of an accident.

(2) Training for Youth Paramedics

We are also looking to train youth volunteers in the area of paramedics, where there are serious shortages. Sublime Causes will organize this training in association with GE (General Electric) and TATA Trust. Here we are also looking at opportunities to involve transgender volunteers. Sublime Causes is super excited about this one!

(3) Career Opportunities for Differently Abled

Creating an inclusive society where differently-abled persons are no longer considered a hindrance to country’s development is a dire need of the modern day. More and more companies are gradually adopting practices and policies in hiring differently-abled persons, in addition to including the LGBT community as well.

Sublime Causes is looking to see how it can help them find jobs.

“I am in talk with somebody I know, about creating opportunities for differently abled. That person is sight-impaired, but a PhD himself! He’s also an entrepreneur!”, says Sriram, Founder & Core Member of Sublime Causes.

We are hopeful that the projects in our pipeline will turn out to be successful! It would not possibly be a success, without the support from the members of Sublime Causes. Keep a watch on us and we hope you will find opportunities to help us in anyway you can.