I want to be sure that I am helping the needy

Story by Anson Lobo I was at the bookstore today reading a Batman comic, minding my own business with 4 other readers at a table of 5. A girl came by and sat on the lone empty stool and gestured to the group. We looked up in unison and she handed a laminated card to us that said “I am collecting money for the deaf and dumb community by selling these pieces of woodwork crafted by them”. I took a look at a few pieces, selected a nicely ornate bicycle and handed over the money. After she left the guy to my left said out loud “why did you do that? We don’t know if she’s really dumb or collecting for the deaf and dumb community? I understood his scepticism, I really did. Yea she could’ve been lying, but I didn’t want to deny a handicapped person a hot meal or a blanket or a chance at education just out of doubt. True heroism is in seeing past oneself and acting for the goodwill of another. At sublimecauses.com, you can donate in transparent way and trust the causes reaches the real needy.