Why Billionaires Take to Charity?

Story Contributed by Milan from contentmart.com. Andrew Carnegie once said “The man who dies rich dies disgraced”. If you think that is the reason why billionaires turn to charity, well you are only scratching the surface of this enigmatic topic. When it comes to billionaires some of them have given away whopping amounts of wealth like Azim Premji who recently gave away half of his stake in Wipro amounting to billions of dollars, Bill gates is not only at zenith when it comes to net worth, he is one of the most generous donors. One of the reasons for doing charity by the ultra-rich class is their belief that there is no higher satisfaction than helping our fellow beings. Making a transformation impact in various spheres of life hold a particular appeal to ambitious donors. To the likes of Warren Buffet, the environment does matters. The internet has become a core part of everyday life for everyone around the globe and this is one of the reasons why charity is going digital, digital portals like Sublime causes have emerged which connect contributors to causes and help in raising money through crowd funding. There is no dearth of causes which need to be addressed and we should be Pledging an amount for good can make a huge difference for the vulnerable. Come forward to charity with Sublime Causes and get an easy way to reach the needy, Join now.