Mother Teresa Has Inspired a Generation of NGOs and the great work continues

On 5th September 1997, just as I was winding up school the intercom came on and our principal informed us in a sombre voice that Mother Teresa had passed away. She was loved by all and mourned by the world. At the tender age of 12, she made up her mind to spend her life helping the needy. At the age of 18 she left home to join the Sisters of Loreta and a year later found her way to India. Having worked for the Loreta Sisters for almost 20 years, in 1946 Mother Teresa decided to give up the safety of the congregation and dedicate her life to help the poor and the downtrodden. Along this way she faced innumerable hardships. Her efforts were soon recognized by even the prime minister of the country, and in 1950, with Vatican permission, she established the congregation the Missionaries of Charity, whose purpose was to help the poorest of the poor. By 1997, the congregation that began with 13 members grew to 4000 members. Such was the power of the charitable life led my Mother Teresa. She inspired people from every faith, across every generation to look at the plight and the suffering of the poor, and lend a helping hand. Mother Teresa is one of few individuals who is loved and revered by people irrespective of their religion. This just goes to show that a kind heart can pierce religious barriers and unite people At, we support many NGOs that are carrying on the noble work inspired by Mother Teresa. And make fundraising easier for them.