Santakar Chelapila


I am a Journalist working in Koraput district of Odisha , a region full of rich Biodiversity and Tribal communities . I am involved in meeting Children to make them aware of their real needs , inner voices , their abilities while offering them platforms to express their realisation , hopes and aspirations using different modes of communication . I visit the schools in rural and urban areas and stand with the members of the School Cabinet . I ask people to collaborate financially and physically in the best interest of Children by sponsoring different activities and supporting our work . I am grateful to them . I work on the principle " If Supported I can work with thousand of Children while have the courage to work even with a single child in the neighbourhood when no external support was there " . Children and their voices are important for me . I consider myself as one of the good instruments to act between their voice and the new Creation . I accept support from Friends . My e-mail : and Mobile No. 9437192553


Good Samaritan

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