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Angelica !! our Sublime story !!!!

Parisutha Narkarunai illam is an organization managed by 3 sisters engaged in selfless service to the society. They support 220 women and men who have don’t have a home and are suffering from psychiatric ailments. When we first visited the home with 75 kg rice thinking it will support them for a while but sister Macarena gave a humble smile and said it will support them for just a day’s meal for 220 members. It was an emotional encounter for us and that motivated us to do more, we decided to raise fund for 2 tons of rice and 800 kg of dhal.   

Sublime Causes Team inspired by the heroic work of the sisters, with Venba’s partnership we initiated “Rice and dhal bucket challenge” to raise funds to provide them a month’s supply of rice and dhal for the entire home. We started with a little hope and spread the word in the sublime circle, but we were overwhelmed by the excellent support we received - we raised 1,40,000/-INR in a short period. Thanks to all of you for your contribution. We are now supplying quality rice and dhal to this home. I can’t close without mentioning about Angelica (6 months old baby), Sisters found Angelica’s mother on the street in advanced stages of pregnancy. The home provided support for the delivery but her mother is no more, Angelica’s story is a constant reminder for us to do more for the society.. there are many like Angelica awaiting support. Good work should always go on forever. So, we count on your continuous support to ensure someone’s happiness by fulfilling their basic needs.

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
? John Holmes

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Caring for Old and Homeless

Paasam is an Elderly Home in Mahabalipuram near Chennai who are Supporting old people in having a respectable old age. The elders have no one to support them or personal funds. Arun Sir and Uma Sensei (seen in picture) have built this beautiful home. Mr. Arun is a Masters in Social work and passionate about making a difference. When we visited there, we had a very memorable experience for the few hours we were there. The elders seemed very happy and having a good quality life. You can support one person for Rs.3000/- per month. Celebrate a special occasion by offering a day's meal at Rs.1500/- for all elders in the home. 80/G Income Tax benefits are available. See more on You can also find address in Google Maps as 'Paasam Elderly Home'.


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13 Lives/Monthly
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3000 Rupees/Monthly