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Good Samaritan

Level 1

Supporting Children Education through Books, School Stationary and Bags

Umang is a charitable Foundation founded in 2009 and based out of Mumbai. They enable education by providing books, stationary and school bags. They distributed these to 30,000 children last year (2016) sub-urb and Mumbai (around Mumbai city) and rural Maharashtra. They have an ambition to extend this to interiors of Maharastra and distribute education kit to 150,000 children. They focus on government schools and most deserving locations. Ashish Goyal and his friends have a corporate job and undertake this sublime work over the weekends. Ashish speaks passionately about how on one given day they distribute books to 13,000 children and the efficiency with which they handle that. More details on Umang on this link


Funds Received

Fund passthrough rate

Lives aimed
to be
5000 Lives/Yearly
Fund required to transform a life
400 Rupees/Yearly